Current Projects

Sentinel Mine in Philippi, WV:

MCC Building Restoration

For this project in our Commercial Division, we were tasked with converting their old MCC building into four new offices. We built up new walls, put in a new drop ceiling, installed new A/C units, and built a new entrance into the building.


Launch Pad Trampoline Park in Westover, WV:

This is an ongoing project where our Industrial Maintenance Division handles all building maintenance, trampoline repair and maintenance, and landscaping. We are responsible for the monthly certifying inspections for the attraction, facility management, and food service areas.


Marion County Coal Mine, Sugar Run Fairview WV

Trench Box and Mouth Pit Restoration:

Marion County Coal was having water issues around the site, so we were tasked with restoring a trench box and mouth pit to alleviate these problems, using our Industrial Division to complete the work.


Marion County Coal Mine, Sugar Run Fairview W.V.

Water Diversion Ditch:

This project is being completed by our Industrial Division, where we were tasked on replacing a water diversion ditch to help with a growing water control problem Marion County Coal was having. The original ditch was eroded away and filling up with gravel, proving to be ineffective at diverting water. We recreated the ditch, ensuring that the water diversion ditch was being used as intended.