December 28, 2017

General Contracting/Project Management

We offer general contracting and construction management services on all of our projects. We can manage specialized subcontractors and keep your project on track.

Selecting the best contractor for a Residential or Commercial project can be very confusing for anyone .

Russ LeMasters our Construction Manager,  has over 35 years experience in selecting and screening contractors. He can help you to select a contractor based on their references, past work history, credit references, certifications and reputation. GMS Construction has a list of reputable contractors that we have worked with on other projects.

Making sure a contract is adequate for a project is sometimes very difficult. It pays to have someone experienced reviewing your contract to see how problems and discrepancies will be handled. We check contracts and drawings for completeness and will make recommendations for improvements.

Scheduling multiple contractors can be a full-time job on large projects. We can keep your project on schedule by hiring dependable contractors. Allow our experienced project managers to keep your project moving by keeping contractors on site and on schedule.

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